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【人物专访】The Man Behind T.REX ARMS | Lucas Botkin—— T.REX ARMS背后的男人卢卡斯·鲍肯

本次介绍的人物是T.REX ARMS的CEO,帅气的年轻总裁卢卡斯小哥,相信大家都没有少看他的视频,为了找到小哥的详细的人物信息不惜翻墙...但是仍然收效甚微,最终只是找到了一篇Loadout Room对于小哥的专访,于是翻译来给大家看看,内中如果有一些比较专业的词汇不太合适,请大家可以留言给大圣,帮助我改正。

The Man Behind T.REX ARMS【T.REX ARMS背后的男人】

本次介绍的人物是T.REX ARMS的CEO,帅气的年轻总裁卢卡斯小哥,相信大家都没有少看他的视频,为了找到小哥的详细的人物信息不惜翻墙...但是仍然收效甚微,最终只是找到了一篇Loadout Room对于小哥的专访,于是翻译来给大家看看,内中如果有一些比较专业的词汇不太合适,请大家可以留言给大圣,帮助我改正。

The Man Behind T.REX ARMS【T.REX ARMS背后的男人】

We took a moment to have some questions answered by the very busy Lucas of T.REX ARMS, a holster and accessory maker who is quickly becoming a favorite of conceal carriers and professionals around the USA.

【Q:我们有幸有这样一个时间和机会能采访到我们非常忙碌的小哥,T.REX ARMS公司的卢卡斯,而这家公司作为设计生产战术搭载模块及相关配件的公司,凭借其备受喜爱的CONCEAL CARRIERS/隐藏式枪套和公司的专业性在美国迅速蹿红】


Lucas, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for TheLoadout Room. For those in the community who are not in the know, would you mind giving a brief overview of the products / services offered by your company?

【Q:卢卡斯,多谢你抽出时间接受Loadout Room的采访。对于社交媒体上熟悉或者不熟悉的朋友,你能简单的对贵公司的产品和服务做个介绍吗?】

Absolutely. T.REX ARMS originally began as a Kydex company in September of 2013. I was in a cramped garage with hand tools, a band saw, and a dozen blue guns. From the start I produced a few models of custom holsters made to customers specifications. As time went on, new products were developed, upgrades were made, and people were hired. Right now we employ 16 people and are taking on a number of projects outside of the Kydex world.

【A:当然,T.REX ARMS公司在2013年9月作为一家专营K壳类战术载体的公司成立。最初起步的时候,我只有一件窄小的车库,几件手工工具,一台带锯,和几把蓝色模型枪。最开始的时候,我制作了一部分基于客户定制的可自定义的枪套。随着时间的进展,新的产品也一直在发展,升级,更多更多的人员也进入了这个团队。现在,我们团队一共16个人,而生产的产品也不再仅限于K壳类产品。】

【由T.REX ARMS提供的带灯版Sidecar隐蔽携行套】


We need to know why it is called T.Rex Arms, how’d you come up with the name?

【Q:我们想知道,为什么贵公司要起名叫T.Rex Arms,你是怎么想到这个名字的?】

I’m afraid there is no amazing inspirational story behind the name. My younger brother and I were at a table one morning talking over names. I was rattling off various animal names combined with defense industry type words. When T-Rex arms came to mind I said it as a joke. But he thought it was great. I did some polling with other people and everyone agreed it was probably a good choice– easy to remember and humorous. I wasn’t even a huge fan of the name at first. But it grew on me, and that’s what I went with.

【A:恐怕我无法告诉你一个非常令人印象深刻的起名的故事。故事是这样的,有天早上,我和我弟弟在桌子旁边坐着一遍遍的过着一堆堆的名字,我一直尝试着组合猛兽和防卫行业类型的词汇,当T-Rex arms突然蹦到我脑子里的时候,我就当成一句笑话脱口而出,结果我弟弟说这个名字真的太棒了。然后我就又询问了好几人的意见,结果大家都觉得这是个不错的选择——很容记忆而且还充满了幽默感。我最初对这个名字不是很感冒,但最后这个名字一直陪伴着我,最终和我合为一体。】


So why Kydex as opposed to other materials?


So Kydex has been proven to be one of the easiest materials to work with when it comes to low-quantity custom manufacturing. It’s inexpensive. Can be warmed up in a toaster oven. And can be chopped up with a utility knife and hacksaws. Because of how easy it is to work with, hundreds of people have tried their hand at making holsters. Either for money or just for themselves and friends. It’s also waterproof, fairly heat-resistant, and very durable. Most of the holsters on the market today are either Kydex, Boltoron, or a form of injection molded plastic. Gone are the days of mass-issued leather holsters.



Whatholsterdesigns were you using prior to you making your own? What short comings did you see in these designs?


My first holster I played with was an Uncle Mikes. Funny, I know. Then a Blackhawk Serpa for a West German Sig 226. After that I ran the Safariland ALS series of holsters, which in my opinion are the most effective retention holsters on the market. I still run them from time to time and recommend them to a lot of people. Since I was 17-19 when I was playing with these holsters, I wasn’t really conceal-carrying them. They were used more on the farm. So when I started T.REX ARMS I wanted to develop more conceal-carry type holsters. Especially since I was starting to look for a good conceal-carry holster for myself.

【A:我最早开始玩儿的时候的快拔套是一个麦克叔叔快拔套,搞笑吧?然后是一个专门为西德SIG226配置的黑鹰Serpa。 在那之后我使用了Safariland ALS 的一系列的快拔套,以我的观点来看,那是当时市场保有量非常高的快拔套了。直到现在我还是时不时的浏览一下,有时候也会给我的朋友们推荐。在我17-19岁之间玩儿这些东西的时候,我都不是很认真的隐藏携带的。更多的时候,我一般都是在农场这样的大场地使用的。所以,在创立T.REX ARMS公司的时候,我想发展更多的隐藏携带的快拔套,尤其是当我开始在市场上寻找我自己使用的隐藏快拔套的时候。】


What was the design of the firstholsteryou made? Did it pave the way for future designs?


I had a simple pancake style holster which everyone builds. A basic IWB and some mag carriers. Nothing crazy or special. But as I started dabbling in appendix carry I realized what I wanted. Something concealable, comfortable, and most important… something very accessible. So I started designing what is now known as the Sidecar. The Sidecar went through 8 revisions to get to where it is today, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve it. Other projects and designs I worked on (and still work on) were improved thigh rigs, suppressor holsters, and optic-protected holsters.

【A:我当时有一个基本人人都会制作的“煎饼”式的快拔套,包括一个基础的IWB和几个弹匣快拔模块。没什么特别的或者是疯狂的想法。直到在涉猎一些附属模块的时候我才意识到自己想要的东西(译者有疑问,望解答),我想要的是这个东西更加的隐蔽,更加的舒服,更重要的是需要更快的插拔速度。所以,我开始设计现在大家都已经熟知的 Sidecar。Sidecar一共经历了八次修改才得到今天的样子,而且我们还在不断的寻找改进它的办法。其他我正在设计【设计中】的产品包括快拔腿套,加装抑制器的手枪快拔套和加装战术瞄具的手枪快拔套。】



At what point did you decide that you wanted to go full time and launch your company?


Right away. As I created the business plan for T.REX ARMS, it was my intention from the beginning to make it full-time and make it as big as possible. It became a full-time job for me within months and my first hire was five or six months in.

【A:当我确定了 T.REX ARMS的商业运营计划之后基本上是立即决定的,我最初的意图就是为了全职经营这家公司并且尽我所能将它做大。几个月之内它就成了我的全职工作,公司也从5、6个月的时候就开始招聘人员了。】


The market was and still is saturated in Kydex goods and holsters, what did you bring to the table that made your brand of holsters so successful?


When starting a business you must do one of two things (or both): You can do something nobody else has done. Or… you can do what other people are doing, only better than everyone else. My intent was to do both. I studied deficiencies in the Kydex world prior to starting my business and I focused on finding solutions. While I didn’t have any amazingly innovative products when I first started, I worked hard on developing those. Our ancient Beowulf holster was one, then the Sidecar, then the gen 1 Ragnarok. All unique holster designs that weren’t available on the market then.



How were things early on? Did you run into any setbacks?


Tons of setbacks. I worked A LOT six days a week, from early morning to midnight. For a long time. And I still do for the most part. For the first couple of years my shop wasn’t heated or air-conditioned, so I might be working in 20 degrees or 110. That was fun.

Once I went public about who I was I obviously had a lot of confrontation and public online criticism. That was probably one of the hardest things for me early on. But the biggest challenge has been the explosion of growth the company has experienced. Hiring people and expanding shop operations fast enough to keep up with orders is a challenge. Expanding at a consistent rate is tricky. Hire people too fast, and you risk having to lay them off if sales slump. Expand too slowly, then production is slow, lead-times get longer, and customer service can be overwhelmed.



I know you’re a huge supporter of our Armed Forces, all of us here at The Loadout Room are Veterans or Active Duty so we want to say thank you. Are you seeing a lot of interest in your holsters from pipe-hitters out in the field?

【Q:我知道你在我们的武装部队中有很大一批的拥趸者,现在我们 Loadout Room的所有人基本都是退伍军人或者现役军人,所以先道一声谢谢。你觉得你的产品会引起领域中其他枪械使用者的兴趣吗?】

We’ve been able to produce a lot of holsters for members of the special operations community. Today’s conflicts are becoming a lot more low-vis and clandestine.



If so, what holsters are they typically using?


We produce a lot of Sidecars for guys downrange. They value the ability to run a full-size handgun easily while maintaining good accessibility. We’ve also had Ragnaroks head downrange for guys who don’t mind passive retention holsters and want maximum speed. I’ve had the privilege of working directly with various units to get them exactly what they need, and that’s a huge honor. I never dreamed I’d be able to do what I do today for guys in the SOF community.

【A:我们给喜欢下靶场的兄弟们生产了很多Sidecars,他们很中意在携带全尺寸手枪的同时还能保证良好的快拔性能的特点。对不在意被动阻尼枪套而喜欢极限快拔的兄弟们,我们也有Ragnaroks这款产品。对于有特权可以和各个战术小组直接进行合作让我倍感荣幸,我从来没有想象过可以有能力给SOF community的兄弟们做我现如今可以做的事。】



Any interesting stories you’ve heard from end users regarding your holsters?


One of the most interesting was from a guy who was fast roping with a Sidecar and chest rig. I get stories from time to time of guys down range who have to go to guns using our holsters.



What products do you have on the horizon that you can tell us about?


We may or may not have a suppressor holster in the works. Perhaps some optic-protected holsters, and more models for our Ragnarok line-up. And I’m currently working on some nylon products.



I hear you shoot quite a bit. How many rounds are you firing per month currently?


I do, haha. I currently spend 10-15 hours a week on the range and shoot 1000-1500 rounds a week. It’s a bit of ammo. Mostly 9mm, .223, and now .308 since I’m playing with a Scar 17 and some other 7.62 guns I’ll be acquiring soon.

【A:嗯哪,哈哈。我最近一般每周都会花费10-15个小时在靶场,大概会打1000-1500发弹,大多都是些9MM,.223和.308的弹药。我也有一把Scar 17和几把最近收购的7.62MM的步枪。】

That’s a lot of rounds downrange.【这对下靶场的人来说是很多弹药了】


What drives you to put so many rounds down range?


I design gear for shooting –from our Kydex goods, and the nylon we’re working on. I believe the more effective I am at being an end-user, the more effective I can make my gear. I’m also very passionate about being an effective protector. But the biggest reason I invest so much time on the range is because the better I am at anything, the better I can be at helping others get good at it. I get asked questions about shooting, technique, gear, etc all the time. The more skill, experience, and understanding I have the better I can help people improve their skills.



I hear you may be offering some weapons classes soon?


I’m going to be teaching a little here and there with Drew Estell of Baer Solutions. I’d like to do more, but I’m super swamped with T.REX, our now-growing YouTube channel, and another company I’m working on. But I try to make myself available to help law enforcement agencies in my area. I volunteer my time to role play as a bad guy for force-on-force, and help guys with fundamentals on range days. I love being able to do that.

【A:我准备和Baer Solutions的 Drew Estell一起到各处开设一部分课程。我想做更多的事情,但是现在公司,油管的视频和其他公司的一些事物已经让我腾不出更多的时间。我仍然会腾出我的部分时间能协助到执法部门人员。我业余时间会在暴力对抗执法的演习中扮演坏人,帮助那些每天基本都要面对这种射击场面的兄弟。我很高兴能帮到他们。】


So you are a holster company, but you spend a lot of time on carbines. Is T.Rex arms going to venture into the world of carbines and carbine accessories?

【Q:你公司的主营业务是快拔枪套,但是你在玩儿卡宾枪上又很花时间,T.Rex arms将来会出卡宾系的产品或者配件吗?】

We’re considering it. If it’s a way we can serve the community, then we’ll probably get into it somehow.



What is your go to pistol for conceal carry currently and what holster are you running on a day-to-day basis for those needs?


I carry a Glock 19 with a Surefire X300U in a Sidecar. The Sidecar is my go-to holster. I don’t conceal-carry any other way.

【A:我会带一把加装了SurefireX3000U战术手电的格洛克G19, Sidecar肯定是我的第一选择了,我不会选择别的隐藏携带的方式。】

Plaid isn’t a choice, it’s THE choice.【苏格兰方格子不是可选,是必选】


What is your go to rifle?


A 13.7 BCM I built that has an Aimpoint T2, Geissele SD3G, Surefire M600U, and a full power PEQ15.

【A:一把我自己组装的13.7 BCM,配装了Aimpoint T2瞄准镜,Geissele SD3G扳机和PEQ15高能激光瞄准指示器。】

I too enjoy dropping 4k into a rifle. No, for real though.【为了一把枪砸四千美金,是真的,我乐意,我开心】


We’ve talked a lot about your Company and its products, could you take a moment to tell us a bit about yourself?


Well, I’m a Christian. Twenty-three years old. Was home schooled. Educated by awesome parents. Didn’t go to college. And I have no military or law enforcement background. I’ve always been passionate about protecting others and growing up I wasn’t sure how I would do that. Now that I’m running T.REX ARMS and producing a good amount of educational material, I believe I am able to help equip people to be more effective protectors themselves. And that is why I work as hard as I do. I know what I’m doing is having an impact and making America a safer country.

【A:嗯嗯,我是个基督徒,今年23岁,我接受的是我父母的家庭式教育,没有上过大学。我也没有军队和执法部门的背景。我一直很有保护他人的冲动和想法,但是一直不确定自己能不能做到。现在我仍然在追逐着这种想法。随着T.REX ARMS的成立和能够提供更多的教学资料,我相信我有能力可以有效的武装别人并让他们有效的保护他们自己,这也是我一直努力工作的原因。我现在也知道自己的影响力会让美国变成一个越来越安全的国家。】


Lucas, from us here at TheLoadout Room, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. I’m sure we’ll be in touch.

【卢卡斯,这里是 Loadout Room,谢谢花时间接受本次的采访,希望能保持联系】

Thank you for having me on!